Lester Peeters


The webdevapp

As a beginning student at REA College Eindhoven I participated in a project. This project is called 'Webdevapp'. It's a website used internally for the Webdevelopment course to keep track of every student's progress. The task was to improve this website alongside two other students. In this project I mainly did front-end programming. Because there wasn't a lot of front-end work to be done I had also taken the role of team coordinator.

The process

Together with two others I was given the task to implement specific features and improvements on the Webdevapp website. This website was written with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Person A's responsibility was the back-end and database. Person B's responsibility was making the link between the front- and back-end. My responsibility was the front-end and management of the project.

I coordinated multiple meetings with our small team in which I prepared several documents. These documents were, for example, points of discussion or overviews of the project's progression. I also handled most of the front-end improvements and features that were given to us to implement. Some of these improvements were, for example, making tables more understandable or a multi-select option for the checking/unchecking of school assignments.

To make sure that the project would go smoothly I made rules to ensure that we could avoid pitfalls. I determined that we would have a structured meeting every week where we would talk about our progress and the project in detail, next to our more spontaneous daily conversations or meetings. I also took the client's wishes and sorted them so that I could give each team member tasks that could be done independently, which is very useful for such a small team. Because there was not that much front-end programming to do I also spent time to make the existing code less messy.

Eventually we managed to finish and delivered the project with enough time left over to add some extra features that the client wanted. Despite disagreements amongst the clients themselves, they were all satisfied with our result.

In this project I learned a lot. The importance of clarity and keeping track of everything, for example.